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How to make a kayak paddle from a log

For all you fans of "How to make a paddle from a log" (both of you) here is the exciting sequel!

kp_log Here is a length of ash that was gathered while cutting firewood. This will supply the shafts for the paddle.
kp_ash Here are two pieces of ash that have been milled out of the log. They will form the shaft and center section of the blade.
kp3_lathe Here one block has the shaft turned and the other is mounted into the 'poor man's lathe" ready to be turned.
kp6_sumac I am cutting out the two pieces of "domestic zebra wood" that that will be next to the center shaft section in the blade.
kp8_blade Here the two pieces have been glued onto the the center section. Note some wood has been cut out of the center with the bandsaw.
kp9_blade Here the the outer pieces are being added. I have cheated here and use purchased lumber for the edges as I need a light weight blade to compensate for the ash shaft. I am thinking if this one turns out well it will me my wife's kayak paddle so it should be light.
kp10_blades Both blades have been rough cut with the bandsaw.

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