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How to make a paddle from a log

I told my friend Norm (not a woodworker) that I was going to make some paddles. He asked,"What do you make them from?" I replied, "From a log". He asked, "How do you make a paddle from a log?". So I put these photos here for him.

p1_logs Here are two logs that were gathered while cutting fire wood. The left one is ash and the right one is cherry.
p2_sled Here are two pieces of cherry and the ash shaft cut out. A piece of ash is mounted in the sled ready to be blocked out on the bandsaw. This piece will form the edges of the paddle blade.
p3_bsaw I will run this piece through the bandsaw three times to get 3 flat edges. The fourth edge will get cut off later.
p4_planer I will run this piece through the jointer to get 2 good adjacent edges. The third edge will come off when I saw the piece to width on the saw.
p5_dplaner Here the thickness planer reduces the thickness, I am thinking they only need to be about 1/2 inches thick.
p6_saw Here the pieces are cut to length on the tablesaw.

Okay Norm, back to the workbench.

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