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How to make a paddle from a log

Page 2. Glue up.
p7_outline I have clamped up the five pieces on the flat workbench to get an even surface to mark the outline of the paddle. After gluing up the pieces the surface will not be flat. As each pair is a different thickness.
p8_glue1 Here are two pieces of cherry and the ash shaft glued together.
p9_glue2 Now the ash edges are glued on also.
p10_glued Here are the five pieces glued up.
p11_cutout Here is the paddle after trimming off the excess with the bandsaw.
p15_gage I made myself a handy gage to mark out the edges of the paddle. I clamped the paddle onto the table to get a flat reference surface.

I have been pondering about how to use the router to form the
blade. After a lot of pondering I came up with a machine.
Hey Norm, take a look at the awesome...

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