Building the Paper Tcîmânens

Starting the Hull

frame and stones POSITIONING THE PAPER: With the stakes remove the paper sheet is placed on the building table and under the building frame. The frame is weighted down so that it will not move as the stakes are put into place; there is considerable pressure on the frame during the folding up of the sheet and cutting the gores (vertical slits) in the paper. The frame position is monitored for stability using the laser. With the paper in position under the frame and the frame loaded with stone the gores are cut from the frame to the outside edge. The gores closes to the stems are are cut slightly toward the stems going upward from the frame so there will be more nearly vertical as the paper folds up- ward. As the paper is quite stiff the paper is being brought up slowly; near the stems the paper near the frame is sanded to reduce the stress in the paper. At this point the paper is much like thin plywood; some fracturing takes place in the sheet here.
ends closed Now the stakes are put into position around the canoe. Next lengths of strapping are added around the outside of the canoe, between the stakes and paper to aid the stakes in defining the hull contour.
gore lashings LASHIING THE GORES: The paper over laps at each gore so a vertical cut is made so the edges can be butted together. A narrow strip of reinforcement paper is glued over the gore on the inside of the hull to aid in sealing the gore and strengthen the area. Then pairs of holes are drilled for the lashings. Lashings run horizontally on the outside of the hull and diagonally on the inside. The set of lashings run from the edge of the building frame to gunwale area.

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