Building the Paper Tcîmânens

Construction Setup

building table BUILDING TABLE: Instead of trying to drive stakes into the frozen ground a building table was constructed from various lengths and widths of 1 1/2 inch planks. Blocks of wood were added to the table to support the uprights (stakes). These stakes can pivot within the holders so that they can be set to various angles. The table was set on two foot tall supports that can support the weights required to hold the building frame in place. The table is about 11 feet long and 35 inches in width. The table was align with the laser and leveled quite well.
building frame BUILDING FRAME: This frame is constructed from lengths of wooden strapping with cross pieces to give it the required shape. The cross pieces are set flush with the side pieces and joined with metal pieces to better support the weighs. The frame is used to define the bottom of the canoe and is placed inside during the early stages of construction. To stabilize it during construction it is weighted with weighs - like stone. Before closing the bow and stern it must be disassemble in order to remove it. The frame is 112" long and 22" wide.

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