Building the Paper Tcîmânens

Tcîmânens ( dim. Algonquian) little canoe.

Pictorial Overview 3

For a paddle a tradionial woman's paddle the Western Cree model, as shown in Addney is made. A plank of ash is milled out from a section of ash. Using Addney's sketch as a guide the rough outline of the paddle is cut on the bandsaw. After two weeks of drying near the wood furnace the blade is milled using the router profile box. Once the blade is cut to thickness the shaft is finished with the spokeshave. The decorations in red are added also using Addney's sketch as a guide. The completed paddle is about 51" in length and the blade 4" wide.
For a seat a snowshoe style seat is constructed with an ash frame (similar to the model in the photo). The two frame members are steamed bent on a form. The back frame is brought in slightly near its end to fit within the seat frame. The seat is lashed using nylon cord.
paddle and seat

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