Building the Paper Tcîmânens

Installing the Stem Pieces and Thwarts

end thwart ADDING THE END THWARTS: The two short thwarts near the stems can now be added. In the area where they are installed the inwale is laminated. To create a mortise for the thwarts a laminate strip at each inwale, near the end, is cut and a short length is removed from each laminate strip to create a gap in the inwale that becomes the mortise. Now the end thwarts are lashed into position between the second and third rib back from the headboard.
install stems INSTALLING THE STEM PIECES: With the building frame out the next step is to add the stem pieces. Holes are drilled into the stem for lashing the inwale and outwale to the stem. The stem sections are inserted into the bow and stern and held with clamps. The inwales are trimmed and shaped to mate with the stem. The inwales and outwale can now be lashed to the stem piece. With these in place the paper can be trimmed to match the final outline of the stems.
closed stem Next the paper is lashed onto stem pieces. To do so requires drilling holes through the paper and stems. No fancy lashings here just lashing it to get it done.

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