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How to make a paddle from a log

Page 4: Paddle Shaft and Grip.
p18_paddle Here is the rough paddle. I will wait until I have the shaft and grip ready for sanding before I sand the blade.
p19_shaft Here I glue two pieces of cherry on the top and bottom of the shaft. I want a rectangular cross section rather then a round or oval cross section. I have shaped the ends of the pieces, on the sander, to blend them into the shaft now, later it maybe more difficult to blend then. The whole shaft will get the edges rounded over during sanding.

Now attached to the shaft are the two pieces that make up the grip. I am forming my infamous snow shovel grip.

Note the piece that one grips during use. It is free to rotate. I am thinking that it will be less tiring on the wrist if it rotates. We will see! It also has a rectangular cross section.
p20_paddle Here is the paddle during sanding and shaping with the orbital sander and the spokeshave.

Later I will epoxy a band of brass around the lower edge of the blade. This will help protect the blade edge during use. While doing so I will fill the end grain with epoxy hoping it will prevent water from seeping into the wood.
Okay Norm, now lets put some glass on it.

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