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How to make a paddle from a log

Page 3: The "Router Box Profiler".
p12_rbp The "router box profiler" (rbp) flattens the lower end of the paddle blade surface while cutting the spline that blends the shaft into the paddle blade.
p16_loaded The router is mounted on the off white base extender that allows it to slide back and forth over the white base box. The yellow sled prevents the base extender and router from rotating while it is moved in and out as well as left and right over the blade. These keeps the rails moving straight on the templates. The brown rails are connected to the base extender. These rails engage the templates, shown in red, as the router approaches the left or shaft end of the paddle. As the rails move left onto the templates the router rises removing less wood in the center section of the blade. Do to the taper cut on the bottom of the rails they do not engage the templates when the router is on the right or lower 2/3 of the blade.
p14_temp Here is the template cut from a piece of maple. I will slice the piece in to two pieces with the bandsaw. It's shown in red on the rbp.
p17_spline Here is the paddle still mounted in the rbp after cutting the surface. Note how the shaft is left extending down into the blade forming the spline.
Well Norm, time to work on the shaft and grip.
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